About company

MEZ, a.s. is a traditional Czech manufacturer of pumps, mixers (also mixers for biogas stations, including ATEX certificates), electric motors, generators and related devices. The company is located in Nedvědice, approximately 40 km northwest from the city of Brno.


The company was established in Nedvědice in 1925 under the name of RADIOMOTOR. This company used to produce rotation converters, wound-rotor motors, table and mount workshop grinders and other products. After 1948, the company was incorporated into the MEZ - Moravské Elektrotechnické Závody, state enterprise. During 1980-1990, the company facilities were modernized, rebuilt and equipped with technology. The total production area was extended to 4,800 m2. In 1998, the company was privatized and became a private entity in the form of a joint stock company.

The company today

MEZ, a. s. Nedvědice is a complex entity today. By utilizing modern technologies and its R&D, it continues improving its standards, offering its customers the best possible solutions. Thanks to its flexibility and adaptability, MEZ, a. s. is one of the most dynamic production companies in the Czech Republic and in Europe. Our main objective is to produce products of the highest quality and to provide our customers with the highest possible level of service.




MEZ, a.s.

592 62 Nedvědice
Czech Republic

IČ: 25309331
DIČ: CZ25309331

tel.: + 420 566 592 114

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